Monitor emerging drug resistance
in real time
Malaria speciation and drug resistance
screening in minutes, sample to result
Resistance to anti-malaria drugs
is spreading
Accurate results in minutes
in the hospital, clinic or field
Placing gold standard testing into the
hands of frontline healthworkers
Every minute a child dies of malaria
Every minute a child dies of malaria
One Device, Endless Possibilities™
Q-POC™: The Handheld Laboratory


NanoMal is developing a 15 minute diagnostic and drug resistance test.

This test will run on Q-POC™, a handheld device small enough to fit in your pocket. It will have an intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) operated by a touchscreen, and the NanoMal malaria test cartridge will contain all the reagents and sensors required to process a fingerprick of blood and provide a molecular diagnosis in 10-15 minutes.

To run a sample-to-result malaria test and drug resistance screening, simply

  1. Insert a sample into the cartridge
  2. Insert the cartridge into Q-POC™, the universal handheld reader
  3. Press "Go" button on the touchscreen
  4. Results and drug resistance information displayed in 10-15 minutes

The power of DNA analysis in the pocket of your lab coat

  • Rapid: Rapid response malaria diagnostics and drug resistance analysis with results in  10-15 minutes, enabling immediate treatment and containment
  • Affordable: A handheld lab for the price of a smartphone, with each test costing just $5-20
  • Robust: Designed for use in remote or resource scarce settings, with no need for a stable electricity source or clean water
  • Mobile: DNA analysis in any setting across the globe, from a remote village in Gabon or a busy hospital in Mumbai
  • User-friendly: Intuitive touchscreen display, single button operation and all reagents  on-board the disposable test cartridge
  • Adaptable: The results you need, from a yes/no answer to a full DNA analysis pathology report
  • Connected: Store and share information with a secure mobile data connection, and track the emergence and spread of drug resistance markers in real time with GPS


The Nanomal Consortium partners are: 
St George's University London | QuantuMDx Group | The Karolinska Insititute | Tubingen University.